Ladies Special 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Broken Heart

Bindu oil massages Mota pappa’s scalp and helps Amar take his mobile hiding from Mota pappa. Amar speaks to Kangana. She asks if he had medicine. Amar says Bindu force feeds him medicines on time and if he does not listen, she complains Mota pappa, she is really mad. Kangana gets jealous and says she wants to take care of him and he should divorce Bindu soon. After sometime, Amar asks Bindu even after knowing about his and Kangana’s love story, she follows duties of a bahu, how she does that. Bindu says a good friend never leaves his/her friend alone in difficult times.

A client comes searching Swapna Garments office. Meghna’s children say Swapna garments office and their house are same. Client asks them to call any elder. Meghna greets him and introduces herself

as Meghna Garment’s MD. Client gives her 100 uniform piece order to finish in 10 days and asks to prepare sample to get order. Meghna agrees and stitches sample uniform. Mandar returns home and asks what is she doing. She says she got their first order of delivering 100 uniform and is stitching samples. He says she should consult him before committing, what if sample goes wrong. She sits silently.

Prarthana sits sadly at home reminiscing being dismissed from her job. Punith informs there is taxi strike for sometime, how will he earn now. Mother asks Prarthana if she is not going to work. Prarthana walks out of house and sits in train platform. Viraj joins here and asks about her house, murmuring he gave double dose to owner. She says owner requested not to vacate. He says he called and warned management, her job is intact. She scolds him not to joke. Boss calls her and asks to meet him right now. She reaches office. Boss apologizes and offers her promotion letter. She says she cannot accept it as boss treats employees badly, earlier restricted for silly reason and now wants to promote her. Boss pleads to accept offer. She agrees and walks out of cabin. Viraj meets her and says he told her that her job is intact. She jokes she rejected offer and then says she is joking, but he won’t be her assistant. He thinks he has to call management and give another dose.

Amar dreams about Kangana getting jealous of Bindu and telling him that she wants to take care of him and be with him, so he should divorce Bindu, she does not like him with Bindu. He asks her to wait for 2-3 days, he will come and meet her. She says she does not want to lose him. He murmurs he is having severe headache, don’t leave him. Bindu hears that and applies balm to his forehead. He says he is feeling better now and thanks Kangana. Bindu feels sad.